Harvesting and cooking with hydroponic bell peppers

Some bell peppers were starting to get ripe for harvesting, so I took about 4 of them to cook up a quick meal. I followed a basic recipe for stuffed bell peppers using ground beef, rice, tomato sauce and cheese, along with garlic and seasoning.

Some of the peppers were bright orange, and even starting to soften a bit.

This one was still green, but a tinge of yellow was starting to show at the bottom.

All relatively on the small side. Still working on getting bigger harvests!

Most recipes call for the bell peppers to be sliced along the top (near the stem) and filling the bell peppers from top to bottom. I figured this would result in more waste, especially given the relatively small peppers, so I sliced them length-wise.

The inside of a bell pepper is always interesting - it's always a surprise.

Filling prior to baking.

Topped off with mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce.

Delicious! I baked them for about 20 minutes under a 350 F setting. It could have been in there a bit longer to get the peppers a bit softer, but it was pretty good nonetheless.

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