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Earth Cab Pro - 12 Plant Soil Grow Box

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Regular Price: $2,495.00

Special Price: $2,250.00

Earth Cab Pro - 12 Plant Soil Grow Box

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Earth Cab Pro - 12 Plant Soil Grow Box - 72 Clones

Soil Based “Earth Cab” Series

The Earth Cab Pro is a 12 plant soil grow box for indoor gardening! The Earth Cab series all-in-one soil based grow cabinets are built for indoor gardeners looking to keep it simple and grow the most economic and environmentally friendly way. These complete grow kits maintain the same stealth features and high end components used in the Yielder series, but replace the hydroponic equipment with eco-friendly soil.

Earth Cabs are a great way to get started in indoor gardening and can easily be upgraded to hydroponics anytime making them a great investment for at home and commercial gardeners alike.

Dimensions: 74.5" x 36" x 26"

Shipping: The Earth Cab ships for $345 via stealth shipping nationwide. You should have the Earth Cab in 2-3 weeks after ordering.

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The Earth Cab Pro

The Earth Cab Pro takes affordable indoor stealth gardening to a whole new level. Now you can shorten your harvest time by starting your next crop in the lower, light tight grow chamber at the same time you’re blooming in the top! Grow clones, mother plants, vegetative plants, and blooming plants simultaneously to perfection with speed and efficiency. The Earth Cab Pro grow system comes with all you need to master your first harvest and get started on many more to come.

  • Dual Light Tight Grow Chambers- grow continuous for 33% annual yield increase! Bloom up top & start next crop below!
  • Double Filtered
    • Pre-filter all air coming in the box for bugs/fungus/dirt PLUS 
    • 20lb carbon odor filter removes odor leaving the box
  • Simple & Economic- easiest, most affordable, and forgiving way to a high quality crop
  • Duct Silencer & Insulation- silent and stealth operation
  • 100% Diffused Mylar Coverage- light recycling for total coverage and efficiency
  • Caster Wheels- full mobility to grow anywhere, anytime
  • Multiple Air Intake Ports- spans the length of the grow cabinet for even air flow
  • Dual Air Intake- we’ve doubled the intake ports in the Pro series. Twice the flow for twice the plants!
  • High Powered & High Quality- Components used are far superior than other leading grow box manufacturers
  • Easy to Master- makes the first time grower look like a seasoned pro…the first crop!
  • Complete Kit- includes more gear than any kit for your instant success. Check out “What’s Included” for a full listing
  • Value- Dealzer is changing the industry with a core mission to provide superior grow systems with lower prices

No games or gimmicks here, believe it. Compare it yourself to see how this grow cabinet compares to the other guys overpriced systems.

  Earth Cab Pro Other Grow Cabinets Benefits
Air Flow 6” Commercial Duct Blower w/ Carbon Filter Axial, Booster, or Bathroom Fan More air flow and 20lb carbon filter controls temp and keeps growing odorless. Replaces the air inside the cabinet 2.5 times a minute, eliminating the need for costly CO2.
  6” Air King Circulation Fan 4” Desk Fan, or None Strengthens plants to increase yield and circulates fresh air throughout the cabinet
  Duct Muffler/Silencer None Keeps your grow quiet and stealth
  Washable Intake Pre-Filter None Filters bugs, mold, and mildew BEFORE it comes into the grow cabinet
Lighting 600w HID Lighting Standard 400w Standard, 600w Optional Faster growth and heavier yields…period
  MH & HPS Bulbs Standard HPS standard MH Bulb Optional Pros use MH Bulbs first half of plant life, use HPS to finish them
  Light Wing & Reflective Insulation No wing & no insulation Diffuses and disperses light EVERYWHERE, reduces heat signature
Soil Fox Farm Ocean Forest   None Pre-loaded with nutrients, this well balanced soil makes any novice look like an old school vet
  Organic None Our soil grow cabinet allows you to grow organically if that's what you're into
  Sure To Grow Medium $$$$ Growing in soil is the least expensive way to grow
Safe & Secure Rolling Casters Built In None, or optional Move it anywhere, anytime.
  Built in GFCI Adapters, or None Prevents electric shock - we are talking hydro, after all…
  18 Gauge Steel Construction Thin Metal, Plastic, or Wood Powder coated, fire resistant, won’t out gas or degrade

Earth Cab Pro Specs

Can Grow-

  • 1-12 Full Grown Plants in 2.5 Gallon Pots - 3’ Tall
  • 1-32 Full Grown Plants in .5 Gallon Grow Bags – 2’ Tall
  • 72 Clones or Seedlings

600w HPS Bulb-

  • 2100k Spectrum @ 90,000 Lumens

600w MH –

  • 4200k Spectrum @ 61,000 Lumens

600w Digital Ballast-

  • Protection- Short circuit, open circuit, ignition failure, thermal, EOL
  • Output Frequency- >30K Hz
  • Input Frequency- 50Hz-60Hz
  • Power Factor- 99.9%
  • Internal Resin Coating
  • Runs on 110/120 or 220/240
  • Runs MH or HPS (no need for conversion bulbs)
  • Weight- 5.5lbs

Nursery/Lower Chamber-

  • Light tight shelf w/ passive air flow & baffle
  • (2) 2' T5 fixtures, 6500k Spectrum @ 24w (2) & .36 amps each

6” Duct Blower-

  • 400cfm
  • Static Pressure: 2.55”/w
  • 1.01 amps

Carbon Filter-

  • 20 lbs. Activated Carbon Filter
  • 1.5” Thick Carbon

Circulation fans-

  • 6” Circulation fan
  • 190 cfm
  • .165 A
  • 14W
  • 4” Circulation fan .2 Amps

System Total-

  • 5.8 – 6.8 amps
  • 275 lbs.
  • 74.5” x 36” x 26” (Pre-Installation H x W x D)
  • 74.5” x 36” x 31” (Fully Assembled)

Optional Equipment -

LED Supplemental Grow Lighting -
  • 45 Watts per panel
  • .28 Amps
  • .3125 watts per diode
  • 5:1 Red Blue
  • 630 nm Red
  • 460 nm Blue
  • System Total amps with LED 6.4 - 7.4


(2) LED Grow Light Panels - $300

Order this option and get (2) 45 watt LED grow light panels.  Truly the next generation technology in grow lighting, LEDs are an energy efficient and low temperature way to increase the amount of light your plants receive, thus increasing your harvest.  Though LED's are insufficient for use as a main light, dual grow panels mounted on the sides illuminate the bottom area of your grow, allowing this portion to mature along with the top.  If you're budding on a budget, not to worry.  This option can be added at anytime, before or after purchase.

6 Month Standard Nutrient Package - $33 (Saves 15% +)

Order this package to receive a 6 month supply of Botanicare CNS17 plant nutrients. You'll save 20% and not have to pay any extra shipping cost.  

  • 1L CNS17 Coco/Soil Grow
  • 1L CNS17 Coco/Soil Bloom
  • 1L CNS17 Ripe

6 Month Expert Nutrient Package - $125 (Saves 15% +)

Ready to grow like the pros do? Order the 6 month supply of our recommended Botanicare base nutrients and supplements/additives that will take your plants to a whole new level.  Your plants will look like you've been growing for decades, but with the included custom feeding schedule even a novice will know when and how to apply these powerful plant enhancers. This package includes;

  • 1L CNS17 Coco/Soil Grow
  • 1L CNS17 Coco/Soil Bloom 
  • 1L CNS17 Ripe
  • 8oz Cal-Mag Plus
  • 1L Liquid Karma 
  • 1L Hydroplex
  • 1L Sweet Raw
  • 1L Clearex

What’s Included

Dealzer designed all Earth Cab grow cabinets so they are easy to use and come with all you need to grow from seed through harvest. Aside from a three year warranty and lifetime grow support from experienced growers, Dealzer gives you more bang for your buck with all the extras you’ll need to finish your first harvest. Here’s what you get;

Standard Equipment

  Earth Cab Earth Cab XL Earth Cab Pro Earth Cab Pro XL
600w Digital Ballast x x x x
600w HPS Bulb x x x x
600w MH Bulb x x x x
6" in-line duct blower (400 cfm) x x x x
6" Activated carbon filter (20 lb.) x x x x
Washable/Reusable pre-filter x x x x
Duct muffler/silencer x x x x
EZ Roll casters x x x x
Air King circulation fan (6") x x x x
18 gauge steel cabinet x x x x
Mounted power strip w/ built in GFCI x x x x
Analog 24hr Grow Light Timer x x x
2.5 gallon soil pots (6) x      
2.5 gallon soil pots (8)   x    
2.5 gallon soil pots (12)     x  
2.5 gallon soil pots (16)       x
.5 gallon soil grow bags (16) x x    
.5 gallon soil grow bags (32)     x x
3 cubic ft soil x x x x
pH Adjustment Kit x x x x
Botanicare CNS17 Grow/Bloom/Ripe x x x x
Light tube + fixture + reflector wing x x x x
Net trellis (2) + Built in adjustable trellis points x x x x
Root Riots - clone/seed starter cubes x x x x
72 site clone dome + grow tray + insert x x x x
Thermometer/Hygrometer x x x x
Light baffles + Light leak inspection x x x x
Owners manual + DVD x x x x
46"Wide x 74.5" Tall x 26" Deep    x   x
36"Wide x 74.5" Tall x 26" Deep  x   x  
2nd light tight grow chamber     x x
Additional air intake with pre-filter     x x
2' HO T5 fluorescent fixtures and grow bulbs (2)     x  
3' HO T5 fluorescent fixtures and grow bulbs (2)       x

Optional Equipment

Availability Earth Cab Earth Cab XL Earth Cab Pro Earth Cab Pro XL
(2) 45w LED Supplemental grow lights $300 x x x x
6 Month standard nutrient package $33 x x x x
6 Month expert nutrient package $125  x x x x

Dealzer is dedicated to providing the highest level of service in the hydro industry. Call today to discuss your options, special needs, or to pick the brain of an experienced grower. All grow systems are shipped assembled, crated, by ground freight, and in non-descript packaging. Allow 2-4 weeks shipping and handling.

Buy Online or Call To Order! 888-HYDRO-81

All grow systems are made in the US. We support the economy from within!

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